Jesus Christ is faithfully building His church in Orlando.  Whether the saints are meeting in church buildings, homes, offices, or coffee shops, the church is being edified and the gospel is being preached to a lost and dying world.

Our site is currently under construction while we prayerfully wait on the Lord for direction on how He may want us to use it in the future.  There are many home church meetings taking place in Orlando, and in time we hope to be able to share information on these different gatherings if the Lord desires us to do so.

If you are new to home church or interested meeting in homes and would like to read some biblically based articles on what the Word of God teaches about church meetings, church leadership, and church life, we highly recommend www.homechurchhelp.com.  This site is written by a close friend of ours, and is born out of multiple years of experience gathering in more simpler ways.

If you have general questions about Jesus Christ, Christianity, the Bible, or other matters of the faith, we highly recommend www.GotQuestions.org.  Finally, we recommend www.BlueLetterBible.com for a free and comprehensive online bible and bible study resource.

Here is a link to some of the teachings and studies by some of the brothers: Teachings and Studies

If you are interested in visiting a home church meeting in the Orlando area, please submit your information via the section below and we will try to respond on if we know of any meetings in your area that we can recommend.

Thank you!